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Independent Dentists

Your Challenges

Our Solutions


Independent Dentists

Integrity, efficiency, and expertise.

We operate as an extension of your front office

Pay For Performance Only. No Enrollment Fees or Hidden Costs. Month-to-Month Contract. Low Risk, High Return.

Call Rollover

  • 51% of calls to dental offices go unanswered
  • 70% of new patients schedule their first appointments over the phone
  • 87% of new patients won’t leave a message or call back
  • Average 20X ROI on what you spend
The American Dental Association says the average value of a new patient is $653 the first year (and the lifetime value is $4,500)

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appointment generating

  • Conversion rate of over 30% on the first attempt
  • Our practices realize more than 20X ROI
  • Highly trained professionals for recare and unscheduled treatment
  • Ensure high-value and priority patients are seen first
The American Dental Association estimates the average dental practice is losing out on $500,000 to $1Million each year in unscheduled treatment plans from current patients
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lead servicing

  • Convert marketing leads to paying patients
  • Maximize your marketing dollars
  • Phone or omnichannel engagement
  • Customize the type, number, and frequency of touches

Your Fortune is in the Follow Up

It takes an average of 5 contacts before a lead becomes a New Patient
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Insurance & Patient
billing & collections

  • Complete revenue cycle management solutions
  • Billing mistakes are the #1 reason patients leave
  • 63% of dentists have been defrauded
  • Most billing team members have basic training, at best

Experts predict a spike in dental office embezzlement

Our proprietary CollecTech™ process accelerates your collections and cash flow and reduces your risk
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  • We save offices an average of 46 hours per month
  • Optimize every patient opportunity
  • Avoid surprise bills and angry patients
  • Same Day and Next Day service available

Hold times for reaching insurance companies are a problem!

Let that be ours!
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  • Ensure full and timely payments
  • Outsource this confusing, time-consuming process
  • PPO, HMO, state insurance, Medicare, shared networks
  • Low cost, high return

Proper enrollment is key to maximizing reimbursements

How will you know which networks to join?
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Comprehensive Practice PulseReport​

Thinking of buying a practice or selling yours? Let us conduct an executive review of important KPIs and provide you with a Comprehensive Practice Pulse Report.


Calls forward after three rings

Pay for patient-related calls only

Simple per-call pricing; appointment arrival calls at a reduced rate

Daily and monthly reporting

Generous business hours

Did You Know?

63.7% of calls to dental practices occur during normal business hours when your teams should be focused on the patients in your office. 16.4% occur between 5pm and 8am, 13.8% during lunch breaks, and 6.7% on weekends. How much are those calls worth to your practice?

Not an Answering Service

Answering services add to overhead. We are an extension of your office and reduce your costs by providing 1-call resolution. We schedule and reschedule appointments, take and post payments, give directions, and more.

Maximize Coverage

We answer your phones when you’re with patients, during lunchtime, after hours, on holidays, and when your team members are out sick or on vacation.

Be In Your Moment

New patients call at the most inconvenient times. No more frazzled phone answerers who don’t leave your desired first impression. Give callers – and patients in your office – the attention they deserve.


Today and Tomorrow

Bring Existing Patients Back In

It’s 6 times more expensive to acquire a new patient than to reactivate an existing one. Spend smarter!

Hygiene Visits are the Key

Most restorative work is discovered during routine cleanings so make sure patients get scheduled for theirs.

Fully Committed Schedules

You focus on maximizing today, we’ll focus on ensuring that your schedules are solid tomorrow and into the future.

RapidRecall™ Results

We convert over 30% of outbound calls to paying patients on the first attempt and return 20X your investment.


Consistency & Reliability, Follow-up & Follow-through

Don’t Waste Your Ad Dollars

We’ll convert your web and marketing leads to paying patients so you don’t have to. We’ll even schedule them for you.

Reminders and Reschedules

Phone-only outreach for appointment reminders, last-minute rescheduling, and other outbound calling services.

Omnichannel Engagement

Call, text, and email options with multiple touches to ensure maximum results.

Announcements and Surveys

Notify patients of new doctors, hours, or locations, advertise upcoming specials, and conduct follow-up patient satisfaction surveys .

According to the American Dental Association

Third-party payers create burdens and inefficiencies for dental offices and increase frustrations for dentists AND patients

More Money In, Less Money Out

Declining reimbursement rates mean collecting your cash costs more. We increase your collection percentage while reducing your collections costs.

What Could Your Team Be Doing?

Your team members should spend their time presenting treatments, not sitting on the phone with insurance companies and chasing patients for $20.

We Are Billing Experts

We have relationships with carriers and we know all the codes. We gather all the documents and evidence required and submit clean, correct claims the first time.

100% Accountability

Reduce the risk of fraud and gain a system of checks and balances. We’ll watch your cash and have your back. Every penny, every day.

The #1 reason patients leave practices and give poor reviews is miscommunication regarding money


Start the Revenue Cycle Right

Proper billing begins with good verifications. Your form or ours, comprehensive and complete.


Remove the Guesswork

Carriers often give incomplete, inaccurate, or misinformation. We sort that out for you. Ahead of time.


Give Your Patients the Best Care

Know what procedures you can do and when you can do them so your patients get the best possible care.


Maximize the Value of Chair Time

Most restorative work is found during routine hygiene visits. Turn a $75 cleaning into a $250 SRP with our comprehensive verifications.

Credentialing and re-credentialing is intensive and time-consuming and mistakes are costly

Buying or Selling a Practice?

You've got more important things to do. Let us enroll your doctors with Dental Benefit Plan providers. We take this task off your hands so you can get your hands in the mouths of patients sooner.

Diligent and Detailed

We’re the experts and we have existing relationships with plan providers. We’re focused and uninterrupted so nothing gets missed.

Expirations are Costly

Accidentally letting credentials lapse means late fees and worse. Our experts keep track of deadlines and make sure everything is submitted on time.

Free Up Your Team

Don’t burden your team with this tedious task! Their time is better spent presenting treatment plans and tending to patients. .

The NEW MODEL for Independent Dentists

Virtual Support Solutions

Challenge the status quo