According to the ADA, every 14 seconds a dental patient presents at a hospital emergency room where medical doctors are ill-equipped to treat them.

That’s over $XB in revenue that could and should go to dentists where patients can get expert care.

What is us dental triage?

Virtual Support Solutions (VSS) runs the US Dental Triage hotline to match people with dental emergencies to dentists willing and available to see them. We are on a corporate mission to keep dental patients out of hospital emergency rooms, now more than ever because of the coronavirus. VSS offers US Dental Triage™ free for the public good and as our way of giving back to the dental industry. There is no cost to the patient or practice to use the hotline – the only money involved is the cost of care.

Our way of giving back

When the coronavirus pandemic struck, Virtual Support Solutions’ CEO Michael Bonanno immediately knew he had to do something to support the industry that he loves.

Michael was formerly a very successful practice owner and created Virtual Support Solutions out of his passion to provide support and solutions to independent entrepreneurial dentists. He quickly decided to leverage his company’s infrastructure and resources to create a service for patients in need of emergency dental services while the industry was reeling.

During the mandated coronavirus shutdowns, most dentists around the country were only allowed to provide emergency procedures, if they even decided to stay open at all. Offices closed, staff was furloughed or laid off and people experiencing dental emergencies were even more inclined to visit an ER. Michael recognized an opportunity to help dentists continue to earn revenue, help people in need of emergency dental services, and help the larger healthcare system by keeping dental patients out of hospital emergency rooms.

The win-win-win solution Michael created has had lasting benefits in the form of new dentist-patient relationships in local communities.

How it works

Dentists who are willing to see emergency patients not currently in their practice enroll in our free Dentist Referral Registry. We gather information about when they are available, what procedures they do, and acceptable payment arrangements. Then we match patients who call the US Dental Triage hotline to those dentists according to various criteria, including dentist availability, geography, type of procedure, and payment options.
“When we were only allowed to see emergency patients, we recognized a big need for dental care. A lot of offices were not seeing anybody. It became a way for us to connect with patients that may not have another place to turn.”
— Dr. Brad Pfeifle
“Emergency departments in most hospitals across the country, generally, are unable to provide appropriate dental care to patients.”
— Dr. Steven Brown

According to the American Dental Association

Up to 1.65 million in ER visits can – and should – be referred to dental clinics.

ER visits cost three times as much as dental visits, costing the health system $1.6 billion annually.

Over 40% of adult ER visits for dental conditions are self-payers.

Most emergency rooms do not have dentists on staff to provide dental treatment.

70% of hostpital ER visits for dental emergencies are after hours.

Are you willing to see dental emergencies outside of your patients of record?

Please call 844-222-9565 to enroll in our FREE Dentist Referral Registry.