The new model for independent dentists

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Redefine What Matters:

Redefine What Matters:

We Improve the Function, Flow, and Financial Health of your Practice. Expertly.

Top ten signs you're behind the times
Top ten benefits of the  New Model
  1. Inefficient processes and inoperable systems
  1. Leverage technology to optimize execution
  2. Little visibility into or understanding of key performance indicators
  2. Analysis, insight, and data-driven decisions
  3. Unanswered phones, empty schedules, aging receivables
  3. No missed opportunities, streamlined schedule, balanced books
  4. Competing priorities – patients or paperwork?
  4. Outsourced administration of the business side of dentistry
  5. Busy, distracted team members
  5. Diligent, strategically-focused, uninterrupted experts
  6. Risk of theft and embezzlement
  6. Checks and balances; total accountability
  7. High turnover, low reliability
  7. An office full of revenue-producing team members
  8. Poor-quality or incomplete work; tasks that never get done
  8. Consistent, reliable, professional results
  9. High operating expenses, low production, minimal profit
  9. Lower overhead, increased throughput, more money
10. Unhappy, uncooperative, ineffectual team
10. Reduced stress, peace of mind, improved lives

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According to Transparency Market Research, “Virtual support saves employers as much as 78% on annual operating costs.” And dentists are late to the game.

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The NEW MODEL for Independent Dentists

Virtual Support Solutions

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